Software Distribution

Software Distribution

Which Software(s) that students would receive?

Since Naresuan University belongs to the Microsoft Campus Agreement, the students have the rights to access the following Software(s) free of charge :

Updated version of Windows

University’s User Account for logging on to show their identity

Download Software


Microsoft Office 2016        

Microsoft Office 2016 that can be downloaded from logging on to Office 365 system with User E-mail system of Microsoft Office 365

  • Manual for downloading Microsoft Office 2016 Program

 If students would like to write computer program for developing a server, what would they do?

Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics will receive a set program called “Microsoft Imagine” in order to develop Software for their study training or for conducting research. There will be some tools for students to help their Software development such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

  • In order to apply for receiving the mentioned program, students must access their User E-mail system of Microsoft Office 365

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