Student Account Check

Student Account Check

What is a user account? Where it can be obtained?

 NU students receive their own user account provided by the University along with its password from the Division of Academic Affairs on their admission day in order to access the University’s online network (NU-NET).

Changing of Password

When students receive their own user account, they can change their password for safety reasons and to prevent unauthorized use. The changing of password can be done through and it is recommended to set up a new password with a minimum of 8 characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) with no special characters such as”


In case of losing or forgetting the password

Students are advised to bring either their national identification card or student card and come to Network System Section, 2nd Floor, CITCOMS Building in person, or call 0-5596-1524 for further information.

            What can we do with user account?

  • Access the Internet & Wi-Fi
  • Access the online registration network system
  • Access the library network system
  • Access the e-Learning network system
  • Access the activity transcript network system


            How important of a User Account

            User accounts includes personal data that cannot be disclosed to public or other users. In the case of an unauthorized use, the account owner will be considered responsible in accordance with the Computer-Related Crime Act of 2550B.E. as well as the Computer-Related Crime Act (2nd Issue) of 2560B.E. include imprisonment, a fine, or both.

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